Shenyang laid-off workers: no five insurance a gold do not know how to retire

Master Zhang now lives in an area of ​​49 square meters of the house
2:30 pm, when Zhang master took the reporter to send Shenyang Taoxian airport, the morning at 5 o'clock he ran a total of 240 yuan or so "work". Docked on this big single, Zhang master feel very lucky. This pen, he can get about 120 yuan of income. So that his income today can be more than 350 yuan. This day only so much. Because, after the airport, he needs to immediately return to the city, 4 o'clock, he will shift. 350 yuan of income, Zhang master of the net income to how much it Along the way, Zhang master very talkative, he told reporters that the total income of 350 yuan, his net income can be more than 100 yuan. Compared with the usual days, this is a moderate income level. "The past one or two years, 'ideas' special time, a month net income to 4,000 yuan, usually, a month net income of more than 3000. Today, be 'ideas' better time." Master Zhang this year 57 year old. Before and after 2000, he was laid off. Now, for him, the most worry is how to retire. Master Zhang after graduation in 1979 to participate in the work, began in Shenyang refrigeration plant. Now, Zhang master even do not know how to change the name of the business after the name. This may not be important to him, because the business is already a shell, he has been unable to provide any help. Zhang master left the factory that year, not called laid-off, called "buyout service age", when the company gave him two or three million compensation, no longer control anything later. "Old-age insurance, no; medical insurance, no, not to mention other insurance money." Master Zhang said. Shenyang refrigeration plant was more than 2,000 employees. Zhang master more than 200 people is the last batch of "buyout service" staff. Compared with the employees who left the company earlier, Zhang master their situation is more miserable. Previously left the enterprise employees of the treatment than they are better. Master Zhang now lives in an area of ​​49 square meters of the house. He said that although it is 49 square meters, but the actual area is about 60 square meters, because at that time there is no concept of pool. This house, not the unit points, nor is to buy, is the master of Zhang left behind. Now the 25-year-old son lives with him. The child is also a state-owned enterprises work, but the monthly salary of only 2,000 yuan, the object is not enough, let alone buy a house. Master Zhang lived with his parents, he thought his son would be willing to live with him. But the times have changed, the son is simply not willing to live with him. However, buying a house, relying on their family's current income level, is simply impossible. Shenyang's house prices are relatively low, but seven thousand dollars per square meter, or a common phenomenon. To retire, Zhang master must pay the past owed pension insurance. At that time, "buyout service age", the company did not bear any insurance money, but to the "buyout service" that two or three million. Now, Zhang master if you want to retire, they must make up their own owed pension insurance, a total of about 120,000 yuan. This is for him at this level of income. It is not easy. The biggest problem is still no medical insurance. If the payback, which is a small number, Zhang master equally difficult to afford. "There are new rural cooperative medical system, you can reimburse most of the medical expenses.People who we are sick, sick, afraid to see, can only endure." Zhang master pointing to the way back and forth when the taxi said, Many of these drivers are laid-off workers, and two of them have old-age insurance and medical insurance. On the road, that journalists home is Shandong, he said, you Shandong hard-working, when the Shenyang City, the majority of waste from Shandong. Now they are all made. Reporters asked, then why do not you get married after the harvest it, you are the locals, they can not fight you. Master Zhang said that there are two reasons, one as a state-owned enterprise employees, the face of a little bit down to not come. Second, when he was laid off, the favorable position of the collection of waste has also been occupied by others. Zhang master "buyout service age", has done a number of occupations, done salesman, but also done a small business production person in charge, but did not succeed. Finally started a taxi driver. In fact, leaving Zhang master time is running out. Another 3 years, Zhang master on the 60-year-old, it is not suitable for rental. What later? No pension, no medical insurance, his life will be very bleak. Zhang master of the problem, but also the state-owned enterprises in Shenyang accounted for a larger market facing the problem. Liaoning University School of Economics, Professor Xie Di told the "First Financial Daily", the entire northeast region of state-owned enterprise reform, may face this problem. Just a different degree. Should pay the "five insurance a gold" or even face owe, need to fill, and many companies have lost hematopoietic ability, can not afford to pay the money. Just compared with the embarrassment faced by Zhang master, and now the enterprise norms a lot. Not as good as Zhang master five insurance a gold did not.

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