33 floor windows fall broken glass scratched passers-by owners: developers have been unloaded

Owners said the developer last year to unload the window Ms. Hu said
October 29, Xi'an East Tai Wo Park people Building 2, Building 33, owner of the home of Ms. Hu home bedroom lying window a window suddenly fall, broken glass will passers-by Mr. Qin scratched. The incident so far, Ms. Hu a rotation in the hospital to take care of the injured, they feel unfair, "normal sliding window when the windows fall, the developer is not a little responsibility?" Off the window when a window suddenly fell on October 29 3 o'clock in the afternoon, Ms. Hu's daughter-in-law Liu back from the outside, just a month soon, she went home into the master bedroom, ready to open the door before opening the breathable windows. "Is the push-style 'L-type floating window' in a, the first time I reached out and pulled, did not move, then took the pontoon and then pull, did not expect this pull, a window actually went down. "Yesterday, Xiao Liu recalled the scene that day," when you feel the windows are more astringent, difficult to pull. "She then reflected to the property," the staff said someone was injured, and asked me to go downstairs to accompany the doctor. " Xiao Liu and her husband to call her husband, Ms. Hu, let her come to deal with follow-up, they sent the injured treatment. Yesterday, the China Business News reporter in the Hu family to see her from the garbage pile has been recovered from the 4 into the window frame, and only one window and the window of the master bedroom window. Owners said the developers last year, unloading windows Ms. Hu said: "incident so far, we have been looking for property and developers, hope they bear part of the responsibility, but developers have long been unable to contact." Yesterday, the reporter went to the residential property to understand the matter, The staff did not reply to the leader. The door of the sales department door locked, leaving the phone no one answered. Ms. Hu said that daughter-in-law Liu work in the field, she and his wife living elsewhere, this suite is only a small son resident lying. "In October 2013 to buy a house since the master bedroom basic vacant. Daughter-in-law came back in September this year, confrontation, took place this." "Son in 2014, after admission, found the main bedroom floating window next to the rain on the water, Many times to find developers, property negotiations, until June 2015, the sales department was sent to the workers to deal with the treatment, the fall of the windows were all unloaded and loaded, "Ms. Hu said," Installed, and now fall. "Window warranty is not yet known that the owners should think that developers should be responsible for yesterday, the reporter interviewed still in Wanshou Road, near a hospital for treatment of injured Mr. Qin. He is the name of the decoration workers, the day just from the Building 2 unit door out, was broken glass scratched the needle, is still in the treatment. It is understood that the windows fall to the floor of a building on the platform outside the platform, the bomb flying glass pierced Mr. Qin. "Developers a year ago moved my window, and now fall.We believe that the treatment of the injured to spend the medical expenses, developers should bear part of the." Ms. Hu said. As a result of Ms. Hu did not find a house with the "real estate sale contract" to the "Xi'an commercial housing quality guarantee", "Xi'an commercial housing use manual" and other documents, the reporter can not know about the window warranty agreement. But according to the general 2-year period, Hu's home window just after the warranty period. Lawyers say the quality of the windows if the owner of the problem can be recovered from the developer of Shaanxi Wien Law Firm Wu Jiangtao lawyer said: "The incident contains two legal relations: First, the infringing relationship, according to" the People's Republic of China tort law " If the owner, the manager or the user can not prove that he is not at fault, he shall bear the tort liability. Everyone, the manager, the owner, the manager, the owner, the manager, the owner, the manager Or the use of compensation, there are other responsible person, the right to recover from other responsible person, so Ms. Hu need to compensate the injured; Second, the sale of commercial housing contract, that is, Ms. Hu that the developer's window quality, installation problems, After the evidence, the developer can recover the compensation for the injured. "In addition, Wu Jiangtao remind buyers, housing should be properly kept by the developer to transfer all kinds of information, and in the maintenance of the corresponding evidence to retain. China Business News reporter Fu Qi dream

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