The woman was beaten by the passers-by

Netizens say that passers-by in the video is very cold
Ms. Leshan Zhang Leshan in the zebra line was knocked down by the motorcycle, but also by another motorcycle rolling, after the incident, two motorcycle drivers fled the scene. Many cars, motorcycles and pedestrians when passing through the rescue did not stop, many users condemned "too cold." Ms. Zhang's husband, Mr. Ma told the surging news on November 7, his wife has been discharged, but was a big shock. He later learned to the scene, "not all passers-by are cold", then there are well-intentioned passers-by, stand up and protect his wife. Leshan City Public Security Bureau Shawan District Branch staff on November 7 to tell the surging news, the police through the transfer of nearby sections to monitor the video and a large number of visits, has found a second rolling Zhang motorcycle driver, but the first accident motorcycle Car driver has not yet found, the police hope that the driver surrendered as soon as possible. If there are witnesses or insiders to provide clues, you can call 0833-3441881 and Shawan traffic police contact. Incident monitoring video the first 5 seconds, the zebra crossing Ms. Zhang was a motorcycle knocked down, the motorcycle driver also fell to the ground. The driver immediately from the ground to get up, see Ms. Zhang injury, found that it was convulsive state, picked up the motorcycle quickly away. The woman was knocked down by the motorcycle at the zebra crossing. Ms. Zhang lying on the zebra line, can not move. At this point, there are many cars, motorcycles and pedestrians passing, but no one came to rescue. 10 seconds later, Ms. Zhang was another fast-moving motorcycle ran over, followed by a van also almost crushed on. The motorcycle hit the scene after the escape. Surging news that the second motorcycle driver found himself rolling to the people, did not make the slightest stay, but accelerated to leave the scene, passers-by did not block; and the brakes stopped the van reversing the scene away from the scene. Video 1 minute 31 seconds, and finally a passing woman waved the rear of the vehicle to protect the injured. No one protects the injured by another motorcycle's second injury. Video spread on the Internet, causing a lot of friends hot, have condemned passers-by "too cold." Mr. Ma on November 7 in a conversation with the surging news, said after he went to the scene to understand, "not all passers-by are cold." The second injury of the motorcycle head does not go back. 【Dialogue】 surging news: can you simply tell us about the incident? Mr. Ma (who was hit by women's family): Ms. Zhang 34 years old this year, the morning of the incident in the river walking exercise, had been hit when the zebra crossing, thanks to passers-by in the first call the hospital call, otherwise the consequences could be disastrous. Surging news: how is your wife 's physical condition? Mr. Ma: At present, she was a great shock, there are large bruises and scratches, the head is also some swollen, but not serious, has been discharged. Although the wife does not matter, but the nature of the incident is too bad, if the other vehicles rolling, the consequences could be disastrous. Surging news: this video spread on the Internet, netizens say that the passers-by video is very cold, what do you think? Mr. Ma: This is not good evaluation. People are good and bad, not all passers-by are cold. His wife was knocked down by the first motorcycle, the video in a uniform wearing a big sister and my wife came to face, that is, she was the first time in the roadside call 110,120. Video Finally, the sister also stood out, waved the rear of the vehicle, protect my wife. After the incident, there are a lot of enthusiastic people to call over, give us the driver of the clues to the driver. Of course, for those who choose to avoid the passers-by, I can understand. Surging news: for two accidental escape motorcycle driver, how do you see? Mr. Ma: very angry, (they) lack of education.

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