Qian Liqun want to stay in nursing homes only concerned about only 3% of elderly institutions pension

That is, 90% of the elderly home care, 7% of the community pension, 3% of the body pension

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Old woman suspected of being grandson grandfather abuse thin skinny bone soon died (Figure)

Yunlin 85-year-old woman suspected of grandson, granddaughter abuse

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India seeks to join forces with Russia to build submarines and stealth warships

According to the Indian "Economic Times" reported

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Hainan Sansha City, the new comprehensive law enforcement ship speed up to 46 knots

Sansha City comprehensive law enforcement ship has increased to four

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Fudan University developed anti-MERS virus antibodies and peptides

MERS antibody in the clinical process or very long Jiang Shibo team through international cooperation developed MERS virus antibodies

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Zhu Ri and military exercise is the simulation of "Presidential Palace" building

The building appeared in the building of the Blue Warrior near the building fortified blue army near the building

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The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection stipulates that 21 scenic spots are prohibited from meeting

As well as the trade unions, the Communist Youth League, the Women's Federation and other people's organizations and civil servants law management of the institutions are not allowed to the following 21 scenic areas held a meeting

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300 km in 2020 within the Beijing-Tianjin-China Central City 1 hour access

Improve the central city ventilation corridor system

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Strong typhoon caused by heavy rainfall in northeastern Japan

Miyagi, Fukushima two counties of the northeast, Ou Yu, fairy stone and other lines of ordinary train from the beginning of the departure from the start

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Hunan Ningyuan reported 7 cases of party members and cadres: involving drug trafficking casinos

Longgang because of the abuse of ice by the County Land Resources Bureau to give lower job grade punishment

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The player secret microblogging red envelopes gambling true face: the last will lose

More people in the WeChat red envelopes gambling game

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Changchun: men lied to a major "bomb dangerous" criminal detention

Shenyang Railway public security organs received a call from a mysterious man in Changchun

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Lanzhou: for the pollution by bus free city finance subsidy of 4 million yuan a day

Lanzhou City, there are four major heating problems

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Zhanjiang two officials serious discipline was "double open" are non-marital births plot

Zhanjiang City Commission for Discipline Inspection on the Zhanjiang City Civil Defense Administration of the former party secretary Liang Xiaolian, Chikan District, the former director of the Bureau of Justice Fu Qiu Tong serious violation of the problem was examined

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